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Socal Auto Pics focuses on bringing you the latest pictures and coverage from local events around Southern California. This ranges from Auto shows, weekly meets, and of course the famous Cars and Coffee. So grba a beer, sit back, and enjoy the photos from the most recent events you've attended.

Cars and Coffee - Irvine California

Cars and Coffee originally started just in South Newport Beach at Crystal Cove. The show took place between a prestigious community of houses and the Pacific Ocean coastline. It was located in a local shopping center that had about 20% of the space the current location has today. Because of noise complaints from the surrounding residents the show was forced to be shut down. A few guys from Ford/Mazda PAG graciously offered to house the amazing Southern California car show now dubbed Cars and Coffee. This current location has over 400 parking spots, plenty of spectator parking, and of course coffee and food for everyone available in the cafe or tables setup on the grounds. If you live in Southern California or happen to be visiting, definitely come by and check this event out. You'll be sure to leave with a smile on your face and plenty of memories. Don't forget to bring your camera!

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